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[Tsuchiura Recycle Shop]|For purchasing in Tsuchiura and Ishioka, visit the pawn shop Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store

Hello everyone, this is Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura store♪

Today we would like to introduce you to purchasing standards, pawn custody, over-the-counter sales, and other services!

Pawn shops near everyone, such as Tsuchiura, Ishioka, Ushiku, etc.

Please learn a lot about Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura branch and become a doctor of Kantei Bureau♪

↓↓The store location is here↓↓

The Largest Pawn Shop in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store


<Table of contents>

Pawn case example ① Fishing gear

Pawn case example ② Game machine

What is pawnkeeping?

What kind of things can I deposit? ?

What is repayment and redemption?

Watch battery replacement & repair

Accessories repair


What are our purchasing standards…

We buy anything!!!

Our purchasing standard is “anything a woman can carry alone” (^^♪
Bags, wallets, watches, clothes!
We even buy miscellaneous goods♪

“Kantei Bureau? Does that mean you only buy expensive items since it’s about appraisals…”

No, that’s not true!!
We really buy anything!
We buy anything (^^)/

And it’s a free appraisal!
We don’t charge for the assessment!
You can even just ask for the price ( *´艸`)

And not just buying, but we also have a unique pawn shop system!
That is called Pawn Custody
The amount may be slightly lower compared to buying

・You can take back the item ・No need to contact if not needed anymore
・Secure storage with strict security ・Minimum 5 minutes, same-day cash service

Isn’t it a no-brainer to use pawn custody with such benefits?
It feels a bit hesitant to borrow money…
Actually, many people use it (/ω\)
It’s a discreet and safe loan that no one will find out about♪

Let’s look at some real pawn custody cases at Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura store!

Pawn Custody Case Example ① Fishing Gear

Tsuchiura Purchase Shimano Fishing Gear

We received a Shimano (SIMANO) Calcutta Conquest 51 for custody!

The customer’s desired amount was about 8,000 yen, but our appraisal resulted in a loan of 9,000 yen!

☟The amount for purchase would be this☟

Click here for more details on the purchase of Calcutta Conquest 51

Pawn Custody Case Example ② Game Console

Tsuchiura Purchase Switch

We received a HEG-S-KAAAA Switch OLED Model for custody!

The customer hoped for as high a price as possible!
Our appraisal resulted in a loan of 《25,000 yen
As the customer wished for a high price, we provided the maximum loan amount our store could offer♪

☟The amount for purchase would be this☟

Click here for more details on the purchase of HEG-S-KAAAA Switch OLED Model

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What is “Pawn Custody,” everyone’s ally?

What is Pawn Custody

Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Pawn Custody

Pawn custody at Kantei Bureau is

No credit check,” “No limit on loan amount,” “No repayment reminders

Easily borrow money with items you have at home!
Same-day funding in as little as 5 minutes!
If you pay back the principal and interest, you can retrieve the collateral item, making it recommended for sudden expenses or when you need cash immediately♪

Also, we store your items securely at a constant temperature, so some people leave valuable items that they fear keeping at home!

The custody period is 3 months and you can retrieve your items any time within that period.
You can, of course, extend the period by paying the necessary interest (*^^)v

The minimum loan amount is from 1,000 yen, so please feel free to use our service!

What kind of items can be deposited?

Similar to our purchasing standards, “anything a woman can carry alone.”
Basically, anything you would bring to a recycle shop is OK!
Please note that the minimum loan amountfor pawn custody is “1,000 yen“.

Currently, the types of items we are holding include
– Watches
– Precious metals
– Home appliances
– Tools
– Musical instruments
– Hobbies
– Alcoholic beverages
and various other items (*‘ω‘ *)

What are Repayment and Redemption?

Our lending policy includes “No obligation to repay,” “Defaulting is OK,” “No reminders for repayment
Running into money troubles…
No longer need the item…
In such cases, it’s OK to default without repayment(; ・`д・´)

We will not send any reminders, so there’s no need to worry as the deadline approaches!
We manage personal information securely, so there’s no concern about others finding out!

Please be aware that if you surpass the 3-month custody period without contact, the item will become unclaimable due to redemption;つД`)

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Get what you wanted at a bargain!?

Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store, being a pawn and recycle shop, unfortunately does not have “new” items.
We have “Unused items” and “Used items” available!

Unused items
The unused items at Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store refer to items that were new and unused when brought in for purchase.
As they have been owned by someone else, they are not new but treated as unused items.
Almost new, yet categorized as unused items and available at a lower price than the original (*´з`)
Items labeled 【USED S】 in the store are all unused and an excellent deal, so be sure to look for them (*´з`)

Used items
Used items at Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store are those bought from customers and maintained by us.
Of course, as these products have been used once, they are used items (^^♪
They are classified into 【USED A】【USED AB】【USED B】 based on their condition!
The better the condition, the higher the price, but it’s still much cheaper than buying at the original price♪
Even our staff sometimes wonder if the items are too cheap for their price(!)

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From this to that… An extensive range of services

Watch Battery Replacement & Repair

Our store also handles watch battery replacements!

Surprisingly, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes (; ・`д・´)

One of the major differences from other recycle shops is our careful and swift service that revitalizes your precious watch♪

We also offer service packs that include both internal and external cleaning and maintenance, so please feel free to use them (*^^)v

We also accept requests for overhauls, new finishes, and link adjustments, so please don’t hesitate to contact us♪

Use in conjunction with LINE coupons for even cheaper battery replacements!
The most affordable battery replacement at a recycle shop or pawn shop is Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store!!

Click here for more details on watch servicesHome Delivery Purchase Banner

Accessory Repair

We also accept repairs for your cherished accessories!

Whether it’s a ring that has become too loose or too tight, or the size doesn’t fit anymore, we handle size adjustments.
For your favorite necklace that has broken without notice, we provide chain repair.
For accessories that have lost their shine over time, we offer mirror finishing.
For engravings that you want removed, we provide engraving removal

Accessories are items that easily retain memories!
Replacing them is an option, but often you just can’t let go of that specific piece.
Many people give up on broken items (;’∀’)
But it’s too early to give up!!
You might unexpectedly be able to repair them at a recycle shop(^_-)-☆
Would you let us repair that precious item of yours!?
We will fully commit to serving all our customers!!!

Click here for more details on accessory repairs

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Today, we introduced the Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Recycle Shop.

The Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Recycle Shop offers a variety of services including purchasing and pawn custody of various types of items.

Our shop, themed around “Japanese culture,” looks like this (#^^#)
It might seem a bit intimidating at first…
But once you step inside, it’s not like that at all!
Our friendly and cheerful staff are eagerly waiting to assist you♪
We also regularly host fun events(*’ω’*)
Please come and share some wonderful time with us|д゚)

We aim to purchase anything that a woman can carry, including brand products, watches, jewelry, and alcoholic beverages!

If you suddenly need money… or if you’ve overspent this month and are in a pinch… our customers!!

At Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store, we can provide loans in as little as 5 minutes.

As a recycle shop in Tsuchiura City, we also offer in-store sales of pawned items, branded goods, and precious metal accessories.

You might be able to get that desired brand itemeven cheaper than at an outlet store♬

【Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store】 is the largest pawn shop in Tsuchiura City.

Additionally, being a large roadside pawn shop, it’s easy to visit by car.

♪ We have private purchase booths prepared, so you can use our services comfortably without worrying about others around you ♪

Customers living in Tsuchiura and Ishioka, please do visit Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store!! Our staff is eagerly looking forward to your visit.

Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store MapKantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store Map


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<Various Repairs & Services>

In addition to buying and selling, Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store is very convenient as you can also borrow money through pawn custody♪

We are also fully equipped with various services such as watch and jewelry repairs, and international money transfer services.

The entire staff at Kantei Bureau Tsuchiura Store eagerly awaits your visit (*´▽`*)

●Click here for watch repairs


【Postal Code】〒300-0051
【Address】Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsuchiura City, Manabe 6-chome 2177-3
【Parking Spaces】40 spaces
【Business Hours】10:00~20:00
【Regular Closing Days】Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month

【Sale Days】Every 7th, 17th, and 27th of the month – Days with ‘7’ are ‘Pawn Days’! (5% OFF on sales, 5% UP on purchases and pawn custody)